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I want to help bring your body and mind back into balance. I want to help you hit “reset” on your life and show you the simple habits that can make healthy living easy. How? With my 7-week course: The Whole Body Reset.

For more than 25 years I’ve had a front-row seat to every changing health and fitness trend out there. I’ve seen extreme diets, gimmicks, and cleanses fall by the wayside as people are waking up and realizing they don’t want short-term diets or solutions–they want long-term strategies to be healthy. Through my experience I’ve learned the practical, no-nonsense strategies to losing weight and getting healthy that actually work in the real world.

And now I want to share what I’ve learned with you. In this 7-week course which I’ll be mediating, I’ll share with you the science-backed ways to change your body and mind for good—without the use of expensive diet programs or crazy-making detoxes.

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This is not a quick fix

This is not a quick-fix solution or a diet. It’s an intense course filled with proven strategies to change your lifestyle for the long-haul. It’s going to be transformative done the right way this time. No more starting and stopping! Learn how to create your most fit and happy life!


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“Chris Freytag puts her extensive knowledge into informative, easy-to-follow videos. The part that helped me the most was the way that the information was presented. It was like having Chris as my personal coach, cheering me on. I love that I can always go back and watch the videos again whenever I need a refresher!  The mindset module was powerful and eye-opening…I feel privileged to have experienced it.”


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“I am so glad I participated in Whole Body Reset! This course has truly changed my life! I’m done with limiting calories, carbs; you name it, I’ve tried it! This course taught me to see myself as a whole being, and helped me reset my body, mind, and soul – and I now know how to achieve my true whole self! Thank Chris for sharing your knowledge and wisdom! Truly a game changer!”


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“The Whole Body Reset was a real inspiration for me! I found my biggest hurdle was in the mental part of the program. I was able to implement many of the ideas Chris Freytag gave. After that, I almost immediately got past my plateau and have lost 10 pounds! This course gives you the knowledge to implement those things into your daily life and make it your lifestyle rather than a quick fix. Being a part of this program was one of the best health decisions I made for myself!”



“Stumbling across the Whole Body Reset program was truly a lifesaver for me. I had come to the end of my rope as far as weight loss was concerned. About 2 years ago, I suffered a knee injury. I was told by doctors that if I lost weight, that would help my knee somewhat, but my question was “How do I lose weight when I can barely move?” Enter the WBR program. Since trying the Whole Body Reset program, I have never felt like I was on a diet. I have lost over 30 pounds and I don’t feel like I am being deprived. I actually have been able to resume walking on most days. I have been following the 80/20 rule, which was a huge breakthrough for me, knowing I didn’t have eat perfect 100% of the time! I strive for improvement in my eating and exercising, not perfection. The Mindset Modules helped me figure out my “why”, and it was difficult but so worth the work. I still have a long road ahead of me but I am confident I can make it with your support and the WBR program! Thank you for this program. You are truly a lifesaver.”



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